About Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy that is genetically unrelated to her and her husband, with the intention to carry it to term and hand over the child to the genetic parents for whom she is acting as a surrogate.

Indian Law only allows for Gestational or IVF surrogacy where the surrogate mother is not genetically related to the child. The Intended father contributes the sperm and Intended mother provides the ovum. In case either of Intended mother or Intended father is infertile an egg donor or a sperm donor may be used respectively.

The surrogate is physiologically counselled, that she is not genetically related to the child and she must relinquish in writing all parental rights and claims on the child she will be giving birth to through the surrogacy arrangement.

Typically a self surrogacy program involves transfer of Embryos that have been created by in-vitro fertilization of eggs harvested from Intended mother with the sperm of Intended father to a surrogate mother. The child is genetically related to both the parents but not to the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother only provided her womb for gestation hence the name.

If the intended mother is infertile an egg donor is selected for donating her eggs. The egg donor cannot act as surrogate mother. The Donor’s eggs are harvested and fertilized with semen from Intended father. The embryos are transferred into a different surrogate mother. The surrogate mother cannot be an egg donor. In such a case, the child is genetically related to the Intended Father but not to the Intended mother.

Alternately if the Intended mother is fertile but intended father is infertile, the eggs harvested from the intended mother is fertilized with donor sperm. The embryos are transferred to the surrogate mother. The child born in such a case is genetically related to the Intended mother but not to the Intended father.

The Donors and Surrogate mothers are provided by the Institute. The Institute will take care of the entire process from selection, investigations, counselling, treatment, signing of donor and surrogate consents and agreements and post pregnancy care of surrogate mother.

IHR strives to make the surrogacy arrangement hassle free for the Intended parents.The duration of surrogacy program depends on the availability of desirable surrogate & egg donor. There may be additional delays if intended parents have some special criteria for matching egg donors and for selecting surrogate. The selected surrogate should pass all investigations. Only then the surrogate can be prepared for embryo transfer. Our surrogacy coordinators and PRO remain in contact with the Intended parents throughout the program and keeps them updated about each step. They also regularly keep track of accounts and provide periodic updates to the clients.