Donor Insemination/AID

Donor insemination is indicated in case of:

  1. Male factor Infertility
  2. Azospermia with primary testicular failure.
  3. Subnormal sperm parameters like severe, Oligo,Astheno, and/or terato zoospermia &  Azoospermia. (when patient cannot afford IVF/ICSI or TESA or TESA-ICSI)
  4. Risk of transmission of genetic diseases from the male partner.
  5. Those who have had multiple failure at ICSI or TESA-ICSI

Screening Donors

The screening of donor is extremely important in case of donor insemination programs. The following screening of donors is carried out at IHR.

  1. Blood for ABO and Rh grouping
  2. VDRL
  3. HIV, HbsAg (Australia antigen), Hepatitis B and C
  4. Genetic disorders: Thalassemia
  5. Infectious diseases
  6. Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
  7. Herpes Simplex Virus
  8. Chlamydia trachomatis.

A donor is not accepted if there is a history of genetically inherited disorders anywhere in his family.

Pre-Requisites for Donor IUI

The Donor Semen is stored in our Sperm Cryo-Bank. It take Two hours to bring the sample down to Room Temprature by a process called Thawing. Then the sample is processed which takes another two hours approximately. It is there fore necessary to book for Donor IUI one day in advance so that the sample may be ready on time.