Spread across 12,000sq feet, IHR, Kolkata was started in 2007ans boasts of the latest in equipment and expertise. For infertility treatment all facilities are available for the treatment of infertile couples under one roof. We offer IVF, ET, ICSI, Surrogacy, Andrology , Cryopreservationof eggs, sperms and embryos & PGS.  All diagnostic facilities are available in house. All biochemistry, Hormones (including AMH)  and cultures are in- house. There is a digital X-Ray machine with painless procedure for Hystersalpingography and an advanced Laparoscopic surgery unit.

We have an ultra modern IVF laboratory with 3 incubators (two Minc bench top and one from Forma Scientific, one Olympus SZX16  stereoscopic Zoom microscope, one ICSI station from NARISHIGE with Olympus IX- 71 microscope. All work stations are inside vertical laminar airflows to maintain good air quality. Lab air quality is also maintained by VOC counters. There are four tables for IUI and three tables for Embryo Transfer procedures.

In addition we have three operation theaters: One dedicated to IVF- OT, one (volution S6) for foetal anomaly scans with 3D and 4D probes and one for routine sonography. Our laparoscopy O.T. is well equipped with latest instruments from Storz. All advanced laparoscopic surgeries like myomectomy, chocolate cyst, hysterectomies are done. All facilities are available under one roof starting from investigation till completion of IVF. A full team of gynaecologists take care of post IVF pregnancy.

Our vision is dedication, personalized care to all patients and the best success rates.

Regular quality controls are done at every step in IVF lab.

Outstation and overseas patients can book their appointments on line. Their travel and hotel stay, local  sightseeing can be arranged by our travel partner. One of our patient relationship executive will be assigned to the patient to take care of her queries.

At IHR – Kolkata we do about 600 IVF cycles in a year. 60% of them are donor egg cycles. We do about 5 surrogate cycles and 600 IUI cycles  every month.

Chief Embryologist Ms. Sunita Patwari has undergone training at the Nordica FertilityClinic at Copenhagen, Denmark. She then moved on to Appolo Gleaneagles- Singapore where she mastered various techniques and procedures under ART Technology. She has worked very closely with Dr. Franklin a well respected infertility Specialist at Cape Town, South Africa. The Global exposure and hands on experience gained while working with International experts in embryology has made her competent in the laboratory aspects of various ART technologies like IUI, IVF, ICSI. She has special interest in sperm morphology and ICSI.

Chief Embryologist Ms. Sunita Patwari at work on ICSI Works Station.

Cryopresevation tanks for Embryo, Egg & Sperm Banking allows us to freezereproductive cells like gametes and eggs for years at -196 degrees centigrade. The reproductive cells are stored in straws that are immersed into the cryo-tanks containing Liquid Nitrogen.

IHR's IVF scientists are qualified post graduates with Master degree in Biotechnology/ genetics/biochemistry who are trained under Chief embryologist IHR and then assist in andrology (semen analysis) and hormones investigations, in compliance with ICMR & other clinical laboratory quality control practices.

IVF-OT equipped with Anaesthetic Workstation-AESPIRE-Datex Ohmeda, Pulse Oximeter- Datex Ohmeda, Philips Cardiac Monitor & Pulse Oximeter, Valley Lab Diathermy, Surgical Suction And Irrigation Unit- Univac Plus Deluxe, Surgical Lights-Hospilite Venus-Hospitech for Advanced Laparoscopic procedures like for Major & Minor Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopy examinations, Myomectomy, chocolate cysts removal, cyst aspiration, vaginal dilation etc.










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