What is IUI?

IUI is painless atraumatic deposition of sperm in the uterine cavity near the fundus around the time of ovulation.

Aim of IUI :-

  1. Bypassing the cervical barrier
  2. To deposit good quality & quantity of sperms in the uterine cavity.
  3. To identify the ovulation timing.

Prerequisites of IUI:-

  1. Ovulating female i.e. presence of eggs in the ovaries (patient aged more than 35 years should check their ovarian reserve before IUI by means of hormonal tests i.e.  AMH or GAST).
  2. At least one patient Fallopian Tube (is checked either by HSG or Laparoscopy).
  3. Semen sample should contain sufficient numbers of good quality sperms. Check sperm yield & morphology percentage in semen analysis report.

·         Ideal sperm yield for IUI → 5×10⁶ or more

·         Minimum sperm yield at which IUI can be tried →2×10⁶

·         Minimum normal sperm percentage→ 4%

Who can go for IUI?

  1. Patient with Ovulatory Dysfunction e.g., PCOS
  2. Patient with mild Endometriosis
  3. Patient with Unconsummated Marriage.
  4. Immunological Abnormalities.
  5. Patient with decreased sperm count.
  6. Patient with ejaculatory dysfunctions.
  7. Unexplained infertility.

How is IUI done?

  1. Ovulation Induction:

Medications are given to produce eggs. This is known as Ovulation Induction. In modern infertility management IUI cycles are mostly done with OI.

Usually oral drugs like Clomophine Citrate(C.C) alone or along with some other drugs is used for OI.But in some patients your doctor might choose to give you few  hormone injections too.

  1. Follicular Study determines Ovulation time

Then the female partner only has to come on Day 10 or Day 11 of menstruation for FS. Follicular Study (FS) is the assessment of growth of egg by sonography. Once the egg is matured, one injection (HCG 10000 i.u) is given for the egg to come out of the ovary (Ovulation).

  1. Semen Preparation:

The Male partner is required to deposit the semen a few hours prior to the IUI timing.  The sperms are processed in the lab. This procedure may take approximately two hours.

  1. Intra Uterine Insemination.

IUI proper is done, 24 hours 48 hours after HCG injection. The prepared semen are put inside the uterus using a non-traumatic cannula. The whole process is very simple and not painful. Sometimes your doctor may decide to do single IUI, at around 36 hours after injection.

How long the couple has to stay here?

Usually the presence of female partner is required from day 10 or Day 11 of menstruation for 4-5 days. During this period FS is done. The Male partner is required to come on the last two days to deposit his sperms

What are the chances of Pregnancy with IUI? (results)

Pregnancy rates following IUI depends on the indications for IUI.Best results are obtained in patients with unexplained inferitility, ovulatory dysfunction, unconsummated marriage or patients with ejaculatory dysfunction.In these cases preganancy rate per cycle can go upto 15-20%.In other words almost 70-80% couples can expect pregnancy in 6 cycles of IUI. In patients with endometriosis or decreased sperm count preganancy rate decreases depending upon the severity of the disease.

Whether hospitalization or rest required during or after procedure?

No hospitalization or rest is required during or after the procedure.the whole procedure is very simple and painless.The female partner has to stay OPD for two to three hours during the days of F.S. on the days when insemination is done, the female partner may have to stay at OPD for 3-4 hours. On the days of insemination the male partner can just come and give semen and go back.

After insemination, she will take rest on the IUI table for 15 minutes only. No rest is required after finishing the process. The female partner can do routine household work, can travel, can go to work or practically can do all the activities which she is used to do.