IVF SELF-Same Cycle Transfer

IVF-SELF Stimulation – With Fresh Embryo Transfer.

In a Self IVF cycle the egg is supplied by the Intended mother. Therefore the Intended mother or wife goes through the steps of Ovulation Induction and Pickup. The harvested eggs are microscopically examined to study their quality and are graded accordingly. The Eggs may be fertilized with Husband / Intended Father’s semen or donor semen. This happens within 24 hours of Pick Up. The embryos are cultured till Day 3 or Day 5 and transferred either on Day 3 or Day 5 into the Intended mother in the same cycle. So technically in a IVF-SELF Same cycle Transfer Program, Embryo Transfer is scheduled within 3 to 5 days of Pick Up. The cycle is completed within approximately 20 days of start of Ovarian Induction.

The success rate of IVF-SELF –Same Cycle transfer is 40%. The success rate can be increased to 60% by postponing the transfer to the next cycle. To know more about this please read IVF-SELF-Extended Cycle Program.