Surro Services

Following Facilities are available for Surrogate mothers:

  1. 24 hour light, water and electricity.
  2. Ample open space, and airy rooms, resulting in a pollution free environment.
  3. Fully furnished rooms and kitchen and attached bathrooms.
  4. Care Taker will take care of the surrogates and look after day to day house-keeping.
  5. Routine weekly/fortnightly checkups at IHR (B.P., Bio-chemical tests and ultrasound monitoring) to monitor the growth of the fetus.
  6. Care taker will escort the surrogates to the center for regular fortnightly / monthly check ups by taxi.
  7. Compliance to existing medical routine, giving medicines in time, etc Open common space with TV.
  8. Balanced food and dietary supplements like Horlics, Complan and fruits for pregnant surrogate mothers.
  9. Regular food includes Rice/ Chapati, Green Vegetables, Cereals and Milk/Curd.
  10. Subject to medical restriction, there is no bar on food and beverages, Surrogates can have food as per their requirement.
  11. Ambulance on call.
  12. Located within 30 minutes of the center.